Sachtleben Chemie — TiO2 в производстве PET

Sachtleben Chemie — TiO2 в производстве PET

Sachtleben Chemie GmbH, одно из отделений группы Rockwood Specialties, в 2008 году начала использовать новую методику при обработке термопластика (PET Products — Polyethylene Terephthalate) с применением диоксида титана.

PET products for diverse markets are characterized, in addition to specific adjustments of the polymer itself, by varying levels – ranging from as much as around 20% to 0% — of particulate additives, which in conventional plant designs are typically added at a very early stage of the process. The larger a single line becomes, the more critical any changeover from one product grade to another. The solution to this problem is provided by direct matting technologies which are designed to permit operation of ultra-high-capacity lines with the maximum possible flexibility. Direct matting technology is an extremely attractive tool for modern plant engineering, since it combines the economy-of-scale benefits of ultra-high-capacity PET polycondensation lines with a flexibility for trouble-free product changes that can usually only be attained on small batch-operated systems, with consequent poor cost-efficiency.

В Sachtleben Chemie надеятся, что использование новых подходов позволяит занять одну из лидирующих позиций в отрасли…

The successful development of a dedicated titanium dioxide grade for the direct matting process now underlines Sachtleben’s renown as the technology leader in TiO2 delustrants for the MMF industry. The system is an outstanding example of an advanced technical concept that exploits diverse capabilities and disciplines in engineering and chemicals development. Its market success derives from the perfectly synchronized development of the necessary hardware parallel to that of the corresponding functional additives, such as the new TiO2 delustrant. The process’s overall benefits for the PET producer are set to become even more apparent when further additives follow, extending the range of applications and making the system a true, integrated, technology platform.

Sachtleben Chemie

Полиэтилентерефталат (ПЭТФ, ПЭТ) — Термопластик, именуемый также полиэфиром, лавсаном и т. д. Продукт поликонденсации этиленгликоля с терефталевой кислотой; твердое бесцветное вещество. Прочен, износостоек, хороший диэлектрик. Полиэтилентерефталат перерабатывают главным образом в волокна, плёнки, а также литьём в различные изделия. Наиболее известное его применение — изготовление пищевых пластиковых бутылок.

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